Snow Removal in British Columbia

Snow Removal in British Columbia

Snow Removal in British Columbia is a collective of snow industry experts committed to assisting fellow professionals in the snow and ice management sector. The snow removal landscape in British Columbia presents unique challenges, being the most demanding in Canada due to its highly unpredictable temperature swings and complex snow predictability. Snow Removal in BC (SRBC) has crafted and continues to refine industry standards and process-driven solutions. These initiatives aim to empower dedicated snow and ice management professionals in the lower mainland of BC, ensuring they achieve the highest level of preparedness for their clients. While the organization itself is new, its members are seasoned experts with extensive experience and knowledge across all facets of the ice and snow mitigation industry.


I would like a quote, what services do you offer?
We have the equipment and personnel to service a large variety of properties including public and private walkways, parking lots of all sizes, driveways, entrances, commercial & government locations, etc…

Service description

Training for our people

We fully train all technicians

Service description

Keeping up with the latest products

Brine, Ice-Melter, Rock Salt, etc…

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Property specific equipment

The correct equipment is used: plow trucks, skid steers, snow blowers, quads, etc…

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Quality products produced in house

Strategic brine manufacturing and salt storage throughout the Lower- Mainland

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Innovative solutions

Portable brine manufacturing equipment

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Live tracking and reporting

We know where our vehicles and staff are and what services they have performed

Commercial Property

Are you looking for ice and snow mitigation?

Providing top Ice and Snow Mitigation specialists that have years of experience, Commercial equipment, and premium products to keep your properties is working order.

The professionals we work with receive guidance and training that continuously improve and establish the best practices in the industry.

As a management group, we place leading professionals in British Columbia with properties needing Ice and Snow mitigation services. Whether it's ice management (deicing), hand shoveling, snow blowers, or larger equipment like plow trucks, skid steers or front end loaders, we collaborate with and confidently recommend proficient contractors in each field. We work with both the property managers and the contractors to ensure your requirements are identified and matched to the service providers that best suit the application. We work with multi-location corporations, property managers, single location owners, or government and association entities, we have options for each case.

Using our custom app we create a comprehensive pre-service plan documenting your site with ground and drone images (where required), creating an Ice mitigation and snow mitigation plan, schedule the properties on a route, and provide automatic emailed report(s) with notes and images of the performed service(s) Get in contact for personalized planning.

British Columbia, Canada

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Are you a winter services (ice and snow mitigation) provider looking for our expertise?

Contractor Development Services

We meet with you and your team and create a growth plan that will include best practices, crew training, software report and tracking, equipment review, product review, improved customer relations, and overall guidance to make you the number one snow professional in your area.

British Columbia, Canada

Navigating Insurance

Insurance can be a daunting task and given that there are so many types we can help direct you to specific snow insurance. It is important to note that contractors should have Worksafe and liability insurance, but in the winter services business (deicing & snow plowing) there is specific language used within the liability insurance that provides the correct coverage that should be part of every contractor's business. Often contractors believe their general liability insurance is considered enough for their daily business use but in fact the lack of specific language leaves that contractor and the “client” exposed to potential liability when involved with deicing & snow plow services.

We have spent countless hours researching insurance issues and have found an experienced knowledgeable insurance broker capable of helping navigate the complicated insurance world. We are not authorized to give insurance advice but if help is needed click here for a connection and you will receive a reply from an authorized insurance broker who is qualified to provide advice and help with your insurance.